Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to Hit the Beach!!!

I am so excited for summer getaways for several reasons. For starters, nothing is more relaxing. Secondly, I live in Palm Springs year around and it is brutally hot. I am talking about 110 plus mid summer and beyond. We really don't even get a autumn season. With that said, we are lucky enough to live driving distance to the beach and other cooler destinations. Even if it is just for a day, it is nice to escape the heat to retreat to cooler temps with friends and family.

I have put together a little list of items that will be great to include for your trips whether it is for a day, weekend or for the full week.

Above is an adorable peasant dress from Mod Cloth. I like this one because of the color tones feel like the ocean or summer. It is easy to get on and off and wear your bathing suit under it. And if you don't actually make it into the water, it is flowy enough to keep the heat at bay. Also, I cannot get enough of the embroidery details on anything. This can be found "run florest run dress" for $72.99.

Here is another less expensive option from Forever 21. This is a nice alternative because it still has the details while not breaking the budget. Also, if you screw it up at the beach you won't feel like your life is over. I am beginning to really like tie dye and feel that it has a nice twist for summer. I also think that this dress will be nice to putz around town in running errands, lounging at home or dressing it up for a hot night out with fun jewelry and platform wedge sandals. This can be found at and is called tie dye floral dress and costs $22.80.

These are a cute pair of sandals from Urban Outfitters. Again, this is nice because they are cute, flat and will go with most items in your closet. Also, it will not break the bank. I like to wear a cute pair of metallic sandals around town and when it comes to actually walking in the sand (to upkeep the sandals) I slip into a junky pair of flip flops and place the "fancier" sandals in my beach tote. This can be found at Urban Outfitters at Ecote Deux Tone Twist Sandal $28.00.

Here is a fabulous white floppy beach hat. This will keep the sun away and saving your precious face from horrible sun burn. Also, it will fit nicely in your beach tote or overnight bag. Since it is white, it will look great with any summer outfit you put together. This is provided by fellow Etsy seller and can be found at and only costs $27.00

I love this shop on Etsy. They have interesting patterns on everyday items. They include totes, lunch bags and greeting cards to name a few. I thought that this bike image represents the summer getaways more than anything. I think that you can pile in your needed items to pull together a great afternoon at the sun and surf. You can find this on Etsy at The Craft Pantry:

What is nice about this piece is that 1.) it is unique and inexpensive (only $20.00) and 2.) it is made from 100% recycled cotton. It measures out to 19" wide x 15.5" high which will hold all of your summer time goodies.

The image was purchased from yet another Etsy store at

Here is a perfect beach towel that can easily be paired with your beach day attire. It is large enough to lay on (30" x 60") and enjoy the rays. It can be found at and costs $17.95.

Other items that will ensure a nice day of relaxation include:

Bathing Suit: One piece or two it is nice to see a little piece peek out from underneath your summer dress. Again, you don't have to break the bank in getting a bathing suit. What I like about Target's selections is that you can mix and match or get several for a low reasonable price.
Large Black Sunglasses: I like this for everyday to tell you the truth. You can purchase an expensive pair but honestly I don't think that it is necessary. If you loose them or scratch them then you think that it is the end of the world. Also, I am not a huge fan of the glass with the large writing on them. Sometimes I feel that the designer is trying to brand their customers with their name. I get my glasses at Target or look for sales at department stores. That way I can throw them in my purse and change them out when the mood strikes.

Fun Accessories: This can include a cute scarf, stacks of bracelets or a beaded necklace. This will add some personality to your outfit while allowing you to have some fun. The accessory portion of your wardrobe allows your personality to shine.

Sun Block: You don't realize it (especially me being from Palm Springs) but the beach sun will burn your skin especially skin that does not see a lot of sun. I went to the beach last weekend and found that my upper thighs got burnt. Not fun. I prefer using water babies but really I think that you should use what you like.

Reading Material: This will allow you to truly escape from your everyday life. I tend to read more during the summer months. I read in the car, at the hotel and on the beach. This can include a favorite novel, a new novel or a fav magazine. I am beginning to read the True Blood novels and have found myself hooked. Again, this is a real personal matter and feel that you need to turn to your favorite reading material.

Friends and Family: Have fun with friend and family. Nothing is more fun than a summer getaway with people you enjoy being around.

Have a safe, happy and fulfilling summer and I'll continue to post items that will keep you outside the box in your home, wardrobe and in life.