Monday, March 28, 2011

Golden Accent

I have always gone back and forth between silver and gold and while I love the crisp nature of silver I have been leaning towards gold these days.  Gold doesn't necessarily have to be pigeon holed into jewelry alone but can be incorporated in your wardrobe, home and overall state of mind.

This pillow is from Ecarlate Boutique's collection.  The pillow contains different golden tones from a rich golden orange to a mustard gold.  It also is in a ikat pattern which is very on trend.  The mixture of colors will stand the test of time.

I love adding some sparkle and shimmer to my make up routine.  This shade will give a hint of gold while not over doing it.  It would look extremely nice for a night on the town.
The above butterfly top was found at a second hand store.  It is in really great condition and I fell in love with with it when I found it.  All I can think of is going out in this number and shakin my groove thing.  This can be found in my women's & children's clothing and accessory shop A Forbidden Fruit for a steal!!
The above charm is for a necklace which would be perfect to add to a group of necklace.  I have a gold bug pendant I wear daily and looks wonderful mixed in with other necklaces or alone.  This fawn necklace reminds me of my favorite jewelry piece.  Another thing that came to mind was that if blown up this would be a perfect accessory piece to a side table, desk or nightstand.  I love having golden critters in my home.
I loooove Kelly Wearstler and she nails this golden look perfectly.  Her home decor embodies the effortlessness that I think we should all strive for.  It is also fabulous fun to see what she wears.  This is a wondeful reflection of her flirty, whimsical and fun spirited home decor.  Bravo, where is the home decor show she judged on anyhow???

It is easy to walk out and look like a disco ball of glitter but a hint of gold here and there will be the perfect touch to complete your overall look.  I also love mixing elements to add some surprise.  Add textures to your home & wardrobe to make the gold pop.  This is what it is all about.  Also, remember that because it is gold that it does not have to cost a fortune.  Go treasure hunting at your local second hand shop.  This will give you a wonderful base to build on.  I find my most unique, retro and fun filled items at thrift stores for really no $'s at all.  And, it is a fun way to spend that day off.